February 10, 2014

“G. A. Hrivnak reviewed the CATME SMARTER Teamwork system in the “Book and Resource Reviews” section of the December 2013 issue of Academy of Management Learning & Education.”

June 1, 2013

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May 11, 2013

The Teaching Professor’s April 2013 (volume 27, issue 4, page 6) article “Assessing Team Members” reviewed the journal article written by the CATME development team and published in the December 2012 issue of Academy of Management Learning & Education (AMLE)The AMLE article described  the development and validation of the CATME Peer Evaluation system. The Teaching Professor review said “This article is an outstanding resource for faculty who use peer assessment in groups. It raises, discusses, and includes references on a wide range of issues related to the assessment of group skills. It shows that if techniques like those described in the article are used, it is possible for students to assess each other and to do so via processes that contribute to the success of the group and that further develop students’ skills as group members.”

January 16, 2013

Changes are in progress to provide more useful information to CATME users.  CATME Peer Evaluation, Team-Maker, and Rater Calibration tools continue to function as they have in the past and are not affected by these updates to the website.