CATME Survey Startup Sequence

  1. When you create a survey or add a student, the students are sent an email immediately from CATME asking them to create their password. Their account is created by CATME when you create a survey with their email address as their CATME name. You need to tell students that their CATME account is created and that their CATME name is their email address [the one that you used]. They also need to know that they must enter their own password into CATME. CATME does not create their password nor do you.
  2. At Midnight of the start date, CATME sends a message asking your students to complete your survey. If the start date is today then the survey request goes out immediately too.
  3. Two days before the survey end date, CATME sends a reminder email asking all students who have not yet completed the survey to do so. You can send additional reminders.
  4. If you want to see the survey that students will see, click the preview button and you will be walked through the survey questions.
  5. If you wish to see who has completed the survey and the data that they have entered click on the data & teams button and then on the raw data button. These buttons are not available before the start date. Only the faculty who created the survey or are delegated into a course/section can see the student data.
  6.  The survey closes at midnight of the end date. You can reopen the survey for a student who missed doing it or finishing it. Go to student editor, click on their name, click on reopen survey, let them know and make sure survey is still open.