CATME SMARTER Teamwork is a system of teamwork support tools.  Some of these are currently available and others are still in development.  Faculty can request an account and log in to access CATME Team-Maker, CATME Peer Evaluation, and CATME Rater CalibrationCATME Meeting Support tools are available on this website without logging in. 

The CATME Faculty Team-Management Guide provides information and advice for instructors based on best practices identified in the literature and tips from instructors who have extensive experience with team learning methods.

The system also includes a number of tools that instructors can assign to their students.

CATME Student Teamwork Training is a set of training modules that instructors can assign to their students.  Using them will build students’ knowledge about teamwork and enable them to recognize effective and ineffective teamwork behaviors.

CATME Team-Maker is a tool for instructors to gather information from students and assign students to teams.  Instructors choose the criteria and weighting that are most relevant to successful teamwork in their classes.

CATME Rater Calibration familiarizes students with CATME’s science-based model of team-member contributions.  Students rate fictitious team members to learn how to accurately rate team-member contributions.

CATME Peer Evaluation enables instructors to gather information about the contributions of team members and their team experiences.  It includes self and peer evaluation of five dimensions of team-member contributions.  The system analyses the data, flags unusual rating patterns, and allows instructors to use the information for student feedback and grading purposes. There is also a library of follow-up questions that instructors can choose to administer to better understand their teams’ processes and functioning.

CATME Meeting Support provides templates for writing team charters, meeting agendas, and meeting minutes, as well as tips on how have effective meetings.