Management/Marketing/Design Internship Positions

Two Part-Time positions open in Fall 2020 or 2021 Spring term for training, Full-Time internship positions open for Summer 2021. Please provide resume, transcript and application letter and send them to Michael Will:

Position Description

Design, develop and test new education materials/functionality materials for the 8,000 instructors using the CATME system to train their students in teamwork behavior and peer ratings. CATME currently serves over 8,000 instructors and ¼ million students per month in 50+ countries. Its production and customer support services are all Web and video/Youtube based. see

Desired Skills and Experience

Purdue students in Management or marketing or web design or Industrial Engineering/Design Major or equivalent. For UGs Sophomore status and 10 hrs.’/week minimum required. Prior work or project experience preferred. 2 Full-Time summer 2021 internships available. GPA of 3.0 minimum desired.

Work hours are M-F 8:00-5:00pm and when available in Wang Hall 3rd floor, UG Summer interns work 20/40 hours per work on an hourly pay basis [20 if taking classes], training or part time work in spring 2021/fall 2020 terms is required at 5 or 10 hrs.’ per week