Software Applications Design And Development Positions

Two Part-Time training positions open in Fall 2020 or 2021 Spring term, Full-Time internships available for Summer 2021. Please provide resume, transcript and application letter and send them to Siqing Wei:

Position Descriptions

Design, develop/program, test and implement new functionality for the CATME production system. CATME, now 15 years old, currently serves over 8,000 instructors and ¼ million students per month in 50+ countries. Its production and customer support services are all Web based. All SW development work is performed on secure computers in secure facilities accessed remotely now.

Desired Skills and Experience

Purdue students in Computer Science/ECE/CE major or Industrial Design/Web design Major or equivalent. Sophomore status and 10 hrs.’/week minimum required. Prior SW design or SW development work or related project experience preferred. 2021 Full-Time Summer internships available; GPA of 3.0 minimum desired.

Work hours are M-F 8:00-5:00pm and when available in Wang Hall 3rd floor, UG Summer interns work 20/40 hours per work on an hourly pay basis [20 if taking classes], training or part time work in spring/fall terms is required at 5 or 10 hrs.’ per week.