CATME Activities

I quit the survey before I completed it, and now I can’t access it. How can I complete it?

You will be able to re-enter a Team-Maker survey and complete it as long as it’s still open. For a peer evaluation survey or a closed Team-Maker survey, you’ll need to email your instructor and ask them to re-open the survey for you to complete.

I completed a CATME activity but my instructor cannot see the results. Why?

Here are the most common reasons this occurs.

  • You may have closed your browser or quit the survey before you clicked the “Finish” button to complete it.
  • You may have accidentally completed Rater Practice instead of the activity your instructor assigned to you.

What are the types of CATME activities that I may be asked to do?

Team-Maker: A survey that gathers demographic information, such as gender, race, times you are available to meet, and more. Your instructor will use these results to divide your class into teams that meet the instructor’s requirements.

Peer Evaluation: A survey that allows you to give feedback on your own performance and the performance of your teammates on various class projects. After your instructor has reviewed the results, you will receive feedback on how your ratings compare to the average ratings for the rest of your team.

Rater Practice: A game-based rating simulation that provides students the opportunity to practice rating their peers by rating hypothetical teammates using the 5 CATME teamwork dimensions. It will also provide feedback through a scoring system of up to 30 points to show how well you’ve done.