Rater Practice

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Rater Practice: Providing Feedback for Evaluations

The CATME Rater Practice Program is a game-based rating simulation that provides students the opportunity to practice rating their peers. In this simulation, students are given hypothetical teammates with certain traits to them. These traits represent behaviors that regular teammates could possess. They are then tasked with rating these teammates according to the CATME Five Teamwork Dimensions. At the end of the simulation, students are given immediate feedback on their ratings and ways to improve their ratings.

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An example:
Input for the key Teamwork Dimension
“Contributing to the Team’s Work”

Description of Rating
Contributing to the Team’s Work

An example:
Output for the key Teamwork Dimension
“Contributing to the Team’s Work”

If the CATME terms make you confused, please check the definition on the CATME Terms Instructor Dictionary page.