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What CATME Can Do For Students


  • Students learn how to be better team members
  • Students learn how to rate teammates in terms of their teamwork behavior
  • Students receive valuable feedback from teammates on their teamwork behavior
  • Teams formed with CATME Team-Maker are more diverse and more likely to be great teams in which to be a team member
  • Teams using the good team management tools provided by CATME are more fun and students learn valuable professional teaming skills
  • Teams using CATME Peer Evaluation feedback are most often more productive and more satisfying team experiences
  • Because CATME provides critical teamwork data to course instructors, teams using CATME often receive more useful feedback and guidance from course instructors
  • Students practice and learn positive teamwork skills
  • Teams using CATME Peer Evaluations are more likely to meet team goals and be more fun and successful
  • Students learn how to improve teamwork processes which apply to all teams in which they will participate in future courses and their professional lives

More information about forming and managing student teams, please watch the CATME Webinar video.

If the CATME terms make you confused, please check the definition on the CATME Terms Student Dictionary page.

CATME Support Staff Helpline

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