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CATME SMARTER Teamwork prepares students to function effectively in terms and supports faculty as they manage their students’ team experiences.

CATME Five Dimensions

There are five CATME Dimensions that contribute to the effectiveness of teams. The CATME Peer Evaluation describes behaviors typical of various levels of performance in each of the CATME Five Dimensions. Raters select the category of behaviors that most closely matches the behavior of each student on their team (including themselves).


What CATME Can Do For You


Make More Effective Custom Teams

Peer Evaluation

Allow Students to Confidentially Evaluate Their Teammates


Provides Teamwork Behavioral Training for Students


CATME Tools are Backed by Extensive Research

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“It provides a quantitative method for students to access the performance of their team members. It was helpful for me to see which teams were functioning well together.”

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Accessibility Features

CATME implemented a comprehensive update in accessibility features in the summer, and we are now providing the most updated 2.4 version of the VPAT.

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More Time Zone Options

More time zone options have been added for more accurately selecting your GMT time zone for starting and closing surveys.

Open Survey Hours Remaining

Notices to students on open surveys will now show the number of hours remaining before a survey closes.