Releasing Results

How do I get rid of ‘release survey’ reminder emails?

Reminder emails can be eliminated by simply releasing the survey results--to students, to researchers, or to no one.

Do students see Peer-to-Peer Comments when the data is released?

Students will see Peer-to-Peer Comments as long as the “Enable Peer-to-Peer Comments” box is checked. If you do not wish to share the Peer-to-Peer Comments with students, uncheck this box before releasing the survey results.

What results do students see when the data is released?

The students will receive an email inviting them to log into the system to see their feedback. This includes a display of each of the five CATME Peer Evaluation behaviorally anchored rating scales (or just the ones you assigned if you didn’t assign all five dimensions), which includes:

  1. The student’s self-rating – indicated by an arrow in the first column labeled “How You Rated Yourself”
  2. The average rating assigned to the student by the team – indicated by an arrow in the second column labeled “How Your Teammates Rated You”
  3. The average rating on the team – indicated by an arrow in the third column labeled “Average Rating For You and Your Team”
  4. The complete behaviorally anchored rating scale on which the Peer Evaluation ratings were made.
  5. (optional) If you checked the box on the Class Editor page to include extra messages to students, they will see research—based suggestions to improve their performance on each dimension that you surveyed.

You can see the specific feedback results that any particular student will receive by going to the Summary Report Page for the Peer Evaluation. Look for the text that says “Preview results page for student.” (Only available after the survey is released) Click on the drop-down menu to find the particular student whose feedback you wish to preview, and click the “Preview” button.

How do I release the results from a Peer Evaluation survey?

On the Activity Results page, there is a button that says “Release” in the bottom left corner (you may have to scroll down to see it). Above the button is a drop-down menu indicating the different options to release the results to students, to researchers, or to no one. Make sure to select the desired option, then click the “Release” button.