Licensing General

Are instructors charged every time a student uses CATME?

No, an instructor/department/institution only pays once for a CATME license within the license year. With an active license, instructors have unlimited usage of CATME for the license year.

Are there charges for creating an instructor account or student account?

No, we charge when a survey with unique students (not addresses) is created.

How will I be informed of the charge?

An invoice will be sent to your institution.

Can I get a quote based on my estimated unique student count?

Yes, please contact and request a quote.

For more information, see our Finding Your Unique Student Count video.

What data does CATME base their charges on?

The invoice charges are based on either an estimate given by the user that requested the license, or the previous year’s historical use from the instructor, department, or institution.

For more information, see our Finding Your Unique Student Count video.

Can I try the system out without being charged?

Yes, there are test accounts with the address “” that can be used to try out the system without being charged. They can be downloaded in a CSV file on the Student Test Files page.

What is a unique student?

A unique student is determined by the student’s email ID. These ID’s are counted in different ways for the different license types. For example, if two instructors request separate instructor licenses, it is possible that one or more students will be in both classes. The unique student count for each instructor requesting a license will include these shared students, and therefore the unique student ID will be counted towards a licence fee twice. If, however, both instructors decided to purchase a departmental license, their shared students would only be counted towards their unique student count once. 

For more information, see our Finding Your Unique Student Count video.

How much does CATME cost?

CATME uses a tiered pricing structure for our licenses that is based on a unique student count for the license. 

Unique students Fixed License Fee

0-150 unique students $100

151-300 unique students $500

301-500 unique students $800

501-1000 unique students $1500

1001-2000 unique students $3000

2001-4000 unique students $6000

4001-6000 unique students $8000

6001-10,000 unique students $10,000

10,001+ unique students $15,000

For more information, see our CATME Invoicing video.