My Teaching Assistants have dual access accounts, do they need to purchase a CATME license?

No, they will be covered under your license.

When will my license be activated?

Your license will be activated after we receive payment. Please allow some time for processing. If CATME does not indicate that you have a valid license, please contact

How long is my license valid?

Your CATME license, unless otherwise notified, will expire on July 1st. Starting in April, a new license will last until July 1st of the next year.

Can students pay to use CATME?

You can inquire more into student pay by reaching out to There are specific requirements, such as a reliable vendor for license keys, that must be met to be approved for student pay. 

What are the types of licensing?

The four licenses that CATME offers are listed below. You will receive a pending license on your CATME account until a license is purchased or applied to your account. Unless there is an existing license for your department, school/college, or institution, a CATME license will need to be purchased. All licenses allow for unlimited CATME use. The minimum fee for all licenses is $100. The determination of unique student counts varies across the four license types.

  1. Individual license--available for any instructor who is interested in using CATME for creating teams or using peer feedback tools.
  2. Departmental license--covers all instructors within a given department at an institution. Each unique student across the department is only counted once. If multiple departments have departmental licenses at the same institution, each student list will only be unique within the departments.
  3. Institutional license--covers all instructors within an entire institution. All students will only be counted once across the institution.


For more information, see our CATME Licensing video.