Modifying an Activity

How can I allow other faculty to have access to the survey information?

Instructors can be delegated during the survey creation process. It can also be accessed by clicking the “Delegate Instructors” button on the Activity Editor page.

Select the instructor(s) you want to delegate from the list on the page and click the “Delegate” button.

Clicking the “Reset Delegation” button will reset all delegation information back to the default, which means only you will have access to the survey information.

To finish, click the “Next” button if you are currently creating a survey, or the “Finished” button if you’re editing a survey

For a multi-section survey, select each section and then delegate the faculty. Note that if you do not include your own name in a section, you will not have access to that specific section, although as the survey creator you will always have access to the “master” survey view.

For More information, watch our video on CATME Faculty Delegation.

What is the latest you can modify a survey?

You cannot modify a survey that ended more than three months ago.

How do I modify the survey start and end dates?

Click on the activity you want to edit. Then you can edit the start and end date fields on the left side of the “Activity Editor” page.

Note that you are allowed to adjust the survey start and end date even when the survey is currently “active”. For example, you may want to extend the survey end date to allow more students to complete the survey. If you extend the end date to reopen a survey that has ended, students who have not completed the survey will automatically receive a notice (via email) from the system that the survey has been re-opened. Similarly, they will receive the standard survey close warning 48 hours before the new end date is reached.