Survey Questions

How can I add Extra questions?

When creating a new survey, on the Activity Content screen, you can check the checkboxes next to the Extra Questions sets you want to include in your survey.

The extra questions can be added after the survey starts, but please note that any student who completed the survey beforehand will have blank answers in the added question. These students’ answers will need to be purged.

Is there research supporting the use of the Extra questions?

Each of the sets of Extra questions is supported by research. This research can be found via the links below:

What other questions can I add to a Peer Evaluation survey?

Extra questions are other team member rating criteria besides the CATME five dimensions. These can be included in Peer Evaluation surveys.

The different sections of Extra questions which can be enabled are as follows. For a complete list of the questions, see our Peer Evaluation Additional Questions page.

Can I add custom questions to a Peer Evaluation survey?

No, CATME does not allow users to add their own questions to the Peer Evaluation system, as the system has been heavily researched and developed with complex formulas. There are, however, a variety of optional Follow-Up questions and extra questions about team members and teams.