Rater Practice

How do I perform Rater Practice?

After starting the activity, you will see a screen displaying descriptions of three hypothetical team members. These descriptions will be used to rate the team members. After this screen, you can hover over each team member's name to view the description again at any time. The next screens describe the five different CATME teamwork dimensions. Select the descriptions that best fit each team member in the leftmost column. Note the “Demonstrates behaviors described immediately above and below” choice should be given to a person who matches behaviors from the two categories the choice is in between.

After rating every team member on each page, you can click the “Reveal Answers” button to see how well you did. Green arrows indicate that your choice was correct, red arrows show wrong answers, and blue arrows show what the choice should have been. Roll your mouse over the green or red arrows for further information.

For more information, watch our Rater Practice Demonstration video.

Why are there different students every time?

Having a new set of hypothetical team members displayed each time ensures that students must carefully consider the ratings they give, instead of simply remembering the correct scores from a previous attempt at Rater Practice.

Can I turn my students’ Rater Practice scores into a homework grade?

Yes. Once your students complete Rater Practice, you will be able to view their results by selecting the “view results’ button on the class editor page. On the raw data page, you can scroll down to view your students’ Rater Practice high scores, average scores, and total attempts in Rater Practice. This data can be used to evaluate and grade your student’s Peer Evaluation skills.

For more information, watch our video How to View Rater Practice Results.

How does the scoring on Rater Practice work?

Two points are given to students who rate the hypothetical student exactly as they should, and one point is given to students who rate the hypothetical students one level above or below the correct score in each dimension. The highest possible score is 30.

For more information, watch our video Rater Practice Demonstration.

How can I implement Rater Practice for my class?

You can assign Rater Practice on the “Basic Activity  Information” tab while creating a survey/activity. On this screen, you will see a drop-down menu with the options “No Practice”, “Require Once”, or “Open Practice”.

For more information, watch our video How to Assign Rater Practice.

What is Rater Practice?

Rater practice is a game based stimulation with hypothetical team members. Assigning rater practice to students allows them to learn how teammates should be rated using the 5 CATME Teamwork Dimensions 

For more information, watch our video Rater Practice Demonstration.