Students' Answers

Can I delete a student’s submission?

Yes. Select the activity on the Quick Summary page, then on the “Activity Editor” screen, select the student’s name listed in blue. In the “Student Editor” screen, select the “Purge Survey Answers” option to delete the student’s submission.

Can I allow a student to redo an activity?

Students can redo a Team-Maker survey as long as the survey is still open. If the survey is closed, or if the student needs to redo a Peer Evaluation survey, you will need to reopen the survey for them.

To allow students to redo a survey, click the “Edit Students” button on the Activity Editor page. Select the students and click the “allow re-entry” button. If you made other changes on this screen, don’t forget to click the save button.

Can I reopen a closed survey for a student?

Yes. First, go to the Summary page and click on the activity name so you can access the Activity Editor page. Next, click the “Edit Students” button. Check the checkbox by the student’s name and click the “Allow Student Re-entry” button at the bottom of the page. Remember to tell the student(s) that the survey has been reopened.