Team-Maker Surveys

I filled out the scheduling table incorrectly on the Team-Maker survey. How do I fix it?

You’re able to re-enter the Team-Maker survey and revise your scheduling table as long as the survey’s still open. If the Team-Maker survey is closed, you’ll need to email your instructor and ask them to re-open it for you to change your schedule.

What is a scheduling table?

A scheduling table is a table that shows what percentage of the team is available to meet during every given hour, based on the table you filled out in a Team-Maker survey. In other words, the “100%” hours are the times when your whole team should be available. For the hours where not everyone can meet, you can hover your mouse over that hour to see the names of team members that are available to meet then.


For more information about scheduling tables, watch our video on Timezone Scheduling for Students.

Where can I view my Team-Maker results?

When your instructor releases the results, you can click the “View Results” link next to the activity on your Summary page to see them.


The list of names and email addresses show you the other members of your team and their email to contact each of them. The chart below is your scheduling table, which shows the times you and your team members are available to meet.

How do I perform a Team-Maker Activity?

You will need to answer all the questions given to you as accurately as possible. Afterward, you may be given a grid to fill out when you are busy and unable to meet with your other team members by checking the boxes at specific dates and times. Note that you can use the buttons along the top (labeled with the days of the week) and along the left side (labeled with the hours of the day) to turn an entire column or row of checkboxes on and off. Finally, you will be given the option to leave a confidential comment to your instructor.


For more information on completing a team-maker survey, watch our video on How to Take a Team Maker Survey.

How can I customize the time zones for my class?

You can either choose one of the different time zone groups CATME already has, or create a new question with custom time zones of your choice.

What is the Time Zone Scheduling Tool?

The Time Zone Scheduling Tool facilitates team creation when team members are in different time zones from each other or from the instructor, such as in an online course.

The students input their time zones in their profiles. If a Team-Maker survey begins before the student sets the time zone, the times in the survey will appear in the instructor’s time zone instead.

The CATME system includes six time zone groupings: 

  • US: Time zones for continental US, Puerto Rico, Alaska, and Hawaii
  • North America: Time zones for Canada, the US, Alaska, Hawaii, and Mexico
  • South America/Caribbean: Time zones for Eastern Mexico, Central and South America, and the Caribbean
  • Europe/Africa/Middle East: Time zones for Europe, the Middle East, and Africa
  • Australasia: Time zones for countries from West Asia to New Zealand, including countries such as India, Afghanistan, Myanmar, Central Australia, and Iran where the local time is offset by 30 minutes from surrounding time zones
  • All World: Contains all 30 time zones, including those on the half hour.

For more information, watch our video on Time Zone Scheduling for Instructors.

Can I have “other” as an option for gender?

Yes. When completing a Team-Maker Survey, students can choose between “Female”, “Male”, or “Other/prefer not to answer”.

Why can’t I edit the question I wrote?

You are not able to edit questions if they are currently being used in a Team-Maker survey that hasn’t closed yet. Once the survey closes, you will be able to make edits again.

How can I customize the questions in a Team-Maker survey?

Questions can be customized by adding questions created by the CATME team or other members of the community, or by creating your own questions.

To add preset questions, go to the Activity Editor of the Team-Maker survey of your choice. Then, you can check or uncheck the questions you want or don’t want in the survey. Afterward, you can save the changes by clicking on the “Save” or “Save and Return to Quick Summary.” Note that any community question you add or question you create will also become available for selection on this list. 

To add community questions, click on the “Question Manager” button on the summary page, and click the “Add Question” button to go to the Community Question Import page. There, check the questions you want to add and click the “Import Selected Questions” button. To preview any question, click on its title. 

To create your own questions, click on the “Question Manager” button on the summary page, then click on the “Add Question” button. After reading the welcome page, fill out the fields in the next two pages with the question and answers to your custom question. To access advanced settings, click on the question you want to see advanced settings for on the Question Manager page. Then click on the “Advanced Settings” button on the following page.

For more information, watch our videos on The Question Manager's Basic Functions, CATME Question Manager Tutorial for Instructors, Advanced Settings in Question Manager.

How do I create teams after the Team-Maker Survey is finished?

After the survey’s end date, you will see a button labeled “Data and Teams” on the Quick Summary page. Click this to be taken to a page displaying the results of the survey. In the top right corner, click “Make Teams,” then you will see a page giving options for the weight of each question in the survey. Finish by clicking “Make Teams” in the top right corner. The system may take a minute to create the teams. Afterward, if you would like different teams, you can change your parameters by clicking “Change Params”, or remake the teams with the same parameters by clicking “Re-Make Teams.”

For more information, see our video about Making Teams.