Instructor Troubleshooting

Why am I seeing a blank Quick Summary page?

Once a survey is six months old, it will not be shown on your Quick Summary page. Check the “Show Surveys Older than Six Months” to view surveys that are more than six months old.

Why can’t I see the “View Results” or “Data and Teams” buttons?

The “View Results” button for Peer Evaluation and the “Data and Teams” button for Team-Maker only become available once the survey period has started, otherwise there would be no results to view. 

Why can’t I receive messages from CATME?

If you don’t receive email messages from CATME, these are the most common reasons.

  • CATME messages are in the junk or spam folder of your email account.
  • Your software or email server is blocking the CATME IP addresses. Your ISP has to permit This is relevant if you are working from a home computer or an off-campus server. Try moving to a campus computer and logging in from there.

For further help, please contact

I encountered a blank screen when using Mozilla Firefox. Why?

While a few problems with versions of Mozilla Firefox have been reported, the design team has not been able to replicate them. If you have an issue when using Mozilla Firefox, please use a different browser, such as Chrome or Internet Explorer.