CATME SMARTER Teamwork is a system of secure, web-based tools that enable instructors to implement best practices in managing student teams.  The tools and training are supported by the literature on teamwork and training, along with independent empirical research.  They are described in detail on the “CATME Tools” tab.

The CATME system enhances team learning by teaching students how to contribute effectively to teamwork and creating accountability for team-member contributions.  The system facilitates communication among teammates and between students and their instructor.  This helps student teams have the best chance of being successful so that students and instructors have positive and meaningful team learning experiences.

Why is the system called CATME?

The CATME project began in 2003 with the development of an instrument for self and peer evaluation called the Comprehensive Assessment of Team Member Effectiveness.  When we added other tools to the system, our dedicated users made it clear that they preferred the CATME name, so CATME became the umbrella brand for all of the system’s tools.