Teamwork Training Toolbox

Thank you for examining the CATME Teamwork Training Tools. They are a toolbox that instructors can use inside or outside their virtual or in-person classroom to train their students to become more effective team members and provide more accurate peer evaluations. This toolbox contains the files and videos located below you may use in order to implement teamwork training in your course.

For further instruction on how to use the CATME Teamwork Training Tools, please watch Teamwork Training Toolbox Introduction video.

Explanation of the CATME Five Teamwork Dimensions

The Five CATME Teamwork Dimensions are used as criteria for CATME peer evaluation surveys. These teamwork dimensions are based on years of research on team member effectiveness. Below are the videos for the dimensions that provide a general overview for each of them in order to help instructors and students gain a better understanding of CAMTE’s model of teamwork. 

To learn more about these teamwork skills, go to our CATME Five Teamwork Dimensions page.

Peer Evaluation Practice Exercises

CATME provides two practice exercises students can complete to help them better understand how to rate their teammates using the CATME Teamwork Rating Scale. We recommend that you walk through one of the exercises with your students using the corresponding video and worksheet and have them work individually, in pairs, or in groups/teams to complete the other one, which then can be used as a homework grade. We also recommend that you give your students a copy of the CATME Teamwork Rating Scale to show them the different criteria for each rating. Below are the videos and worksheets to both exercises as well as the CATME Teamwork Rating Scale.

CATME Teamwork Rating Scale


Madison Lewis Homework Assignment Worksheet

Madison Lewis Video (contains answers)

Madison Lewis Instructor/TA Answer Sheet


Robin Brown Homework Assignment Worksheet

Robin Brown Video (contains answers)

Robin Brown Instructor/TA Answer Sheet

Rater Practice

The CATME Rater Practice Program is a game-based rating simulation that provides students the opportunity to practice rating their peers. Rater Practice is a great tool that instructors can use to follow up on the Peer Evaluation Practice Exercises to further help their students improve in rating their team members. 

To learn more, go to our Rater Practice page.

Preview the Rater Practice Tool 

More information about forming and managing student teams, please watch the CATME Webinar video.