Creating an Activity

What do students receive when the instructor released the results?

When the survey results are released, students get an email like the one below letting them know that the results are released and they can view them in their account.

Activity Data Released

Why is CATME creating duplicate surveys?

An apparent duplicate survey is created when you have one class but use the section column. One apparent survey is the master survey for a class with multiple sections and there will also be one survey listed for each section. Unless you have more than one section in your class, DO NOT use the section column. When you delete the section column in your CSV file, only one survey will be created.

What is a multi-section survey?

Classes with multiple sections can use CATME in two main ways: either making a different class for each section, or creating one class and separating the activities into sections. This latter option is referred to as a multi-section survey.

Special functionalities available to “multi-section” surveys include:

  • Setting different survey start and end dates for each section
  • Modifying survey parameters for each section
  • Different faculty can be delegated for each section

Note that these can all be achieved by having separate classes for each section. Feel free to experiment with both multi-section and basic survey functionality and decide which makes the most sense for your particular application.

To create a multi-section survey, upload a student list that defines the special “Section” field. For more information on the file format, see the CSV File Format page.

If you created the survey with multiple sections, then you will see one entry for the survey as a whole, which allows you to administer all sections simultaneously; then one additional entry per section (indicated by the section name in parentheses), which allows you to administer each section as an individual unit.

How do I change the survey intro?

Click on the activity you want to edit, then click on the “Edit Activity Intro” button on the “Activity Editor” page.

You may modify the text box in the middle of this screen. The Preview Text button will update the bottom half of the screen and allow you to see how your text will appear to the students.

When you are satisfied with your changes, click the Save button in the upper-right corner. Save and Return will save your changes and return to the previous screen. Cancel returns to the previous screen without saving your changes.

Note that the text should be formatted using standard HTML. Common HTML formatting commands include:

  • Create paragraph breaks by putting a <P> tag at the end of the paragraph
  • To make the text Bold type <B>, to end bold type </B>
  • To make the text Italicized type <I>, to end italics type </I>
  • To Underline the text type a <U>, to end underline type </U>
  • To change the font color type <font color=”color”>, to end the font color type </font> (where color equals red, blue, purple, green, etc.)

You can make the text bold, italicized, underlined, and a different color by putting your commands next to each other (<B><I><U><font color=”green”>your text</font></U></I></B>). Don’t forget to end your formatting by placing the appropriate < / > for each format that you have added.

Can I reuse an old activity?

No, old CATME surveys cannot be used as new surveys. CATME needs the data from new surveys to get an accurate unique student count.

Can I have multiple activities in one class?

Yes. Students will see all of their assigned surveys on their Quick Summary page.

How should I format the CSV file?

The CSV file will need a header row including first and last name, email, ID, and section. For a Peer Evaluation survey, you will also include the student’s team name. For a full description of the file format, see the CSV file description page.

How do I assign the activity to students?

When you arrive at the Students page while creating an activity or the Activity Editor, you will have the option to either Import Students from File or Import Students From Activity.

When Importing Students from File, a “Comma-Separated Values” (CSV) file or a tab-delimited text file should be uploaded with all your students and their information. The easiest way to create these files is to get all the student data into a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet and then select “File…Save As…” to save the worksheet in one of the two accepted formats. When Importing Students from an existing Activity, select the activity from the dropdown where you want to import students from. After completing either method, click on the Import button to assign your students to the activity.

To learn more about how to format your student CSV file, go to the CSV file description page.

How do I create an activity for a class?

Click on the desired class, then click the “Add Activity” button and go through the multi-screen “wizard”.

For More information, watch our videos on Creating a Team-Maker Survey and Creating a Peer Evaluation Survey.