Customize Questions

Can I have “other” as an option for gender?

Yes. When completing a Team-Maker Survey, students can choose between “Female”, “Male”, or “Other/prefer not to answer”.

Why can’t I edit the question I wrote?

You are not able to edit questions if they are currently being used in a Team-Maker survey that hasn’t closed yet. Once the survey closes, you will be able to make edits again.

How can I customize the questions in a Team-Maker survey?

Questions can be customized by adding questions created by the CATME team or other members of the community, or by creating your own questions.

To add preset questions, go to the Activity Editor of the Team-Maker survey of your choice. Then, you can check or uncheck the questions you want or don’t want in the survey. Afterward, you can save the changes by clicking on the “Save” or “Save and Return to Quick Summary.” Note that any community question you add or question you create will also become available for selection on this list. 

To add community questions, click on the “Question Manager” button on the summary page, and click the “Add Question” button to go to the Community Question Import page. There, check the questions you want to add and click the “Import Selected Questions” button. To preview any question, click on its title. 

To create your own questions, click on the “Question Manager” button on the summary page, then click on the “Add Question” button. After reading the welcome page, fill out the fields in the next two pages with the question and answers to your custom question. To access advanced settings, click on the question you want to see advanced settings for on the Question Manager page. Then click on the “Advanced Settings” button on the following page.

For more information, watch our videos on The Question Manager's Basic Functions, CATME Question Manager Tutorial for Instructors, Advanced Settings in Question Manager.