Scheduling Tool

How can I customize the time zones for my class?

You can either choose one of the different time zone groups CATME already has, or create a new question with custom time zones of your choice.

What is the Time Zone Scheduling Tool?

The Time Zone Scheduling Tool facilitates team creation when team members are in different time zones from each other or from the instructor, such as in an online course.

The students input their time zones in their profiles. If a Team-Maker survey begins before the student sets the time zone, the times in the survey will appear in the instructor’s time zone instead.

The CATME system includes six time zone groupings: 

  • US: Time zones for continental US, Puerto Rico, Alaska, and Hawaii
  • North America: Time zones for Canada, the US, Alaska, Hawaii, and Mexico
  • South America/Caribbean: Time zones for Eastern Mexico, Central and South America, and the Caribbean
  • Europe/Africa/Middle East: Time zones for Europe, the Middle East, and Africa
  • Australasia: Time zones for countries from West Asia to New Zealand, including countries such as India, Afghanistan, Myanmar, Central Australia, and Iran where the local time is offset by 30 minutes from surrounding time zones
  • All World: Contains all 30 time zones, including those on the half hour.

For more information, watch our video on Time Zone Scheduling for Instructors.