Survey Results

I filled out the scheduling table incorrectly on the Team-Maker survey. How do I fix it?

You’re able to re-enter the Team-Maker survey and revise your scheduling table as long as the survey’s still open. If the Team-Maker survey is closed, you’ll need to email your instructor and ask them to re-open it for you to change your schedule.

What is a scheduling table?

A scheduling table is a table that shows what percentage of the team is available to meet during every given hour, based on the table you filled out in a Team-Maker survey. In other words, the “100%” hours are the times when your whole team should be available. For the hours where not everyone can meet, you can hover your mouse over that hour to see the names of team members that are available to meet then.


For more information about scheduling tables, watch our video on Timezone Scheduling for Students.

Where can I view my Team-Maker results?

When your instructor releases the results, you can click the “View Results” link next to the activity on your Summary page to see them.


The list of names and email addresses show you the other members of your team and their email to contact each of them. The chart below is your scheduling table, which shows the times you and your team members are available to meet.