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An assigned CATME survey. Could be Team-Maker, Peer Evaluation, or Rater Practice.

CATME Five Teamwork Dimensions

Five areas of team-member effectiveness that are used as metrics in Peer Evaluation surveys, including "Contributing to the Team's Work", "Interacting with Teammates", "Keeping the Team on Track", "Expecting Quality", and "Having Relevant Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities".


Activities are separated into classes, in a similar way that files are sorted into folders.

Confidential Comments to Instructor

Confidential comments a student can leave at the end of the Peer Evaluation survey to the instructors.

Contributing to the Team’s Work

One of the CATME Five Teamwork Dimensions. Helping the team achieve its goals or objectives by completing the assigned tasks.


A page in the Team-Maker survey that collects students' basic data, so the instructor can assign students into the most suitable teams.

Expecting Quality

One of the CATME Five Teamwork Dimensions. Believing that the team is capable of quality work, and encouraging the team to strive for quality.

Follow-Up Questions

These questions inquire how much a student likes the other team members.

Having Related Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities (KSAs)

One of the CATME Five Teamwork Dimensions. Knowing how to complete assignments, and having necessary knowledge to do so. Being willing to learn new things for the project. Should be prepared to perform other roles if needed.

Interacting with Teammates

One of the CATME Five Teamwork Dimensions. Providing positive interactions within the team that contribute to a supportive environment. Talking during a meeting is an important interaction, but so is knowing when to listen to others.

Keeping the Team on Track

One of the CATME Five Teamwork Dimensions. Making sure the team is on its way to achieving its goals.

My Profile

A page where personal info, such as name, password and Time Zone, can be edited.

Peer Evaluation Survey

A behaviorally anchored peer evaluation tool, designed to assess team member effectiveness.

Peer Influences

These questions indicate how much members of the team positively support one another.

Peer to Peer Comments

Comments that students make about each team member, including themselves, when taking the Peer Evaluation survey.

Practice Scenario Results

A page that show your current score and the best score out of all your Rater Practice attempts.

Psychological Safety

These questions inquire whether the student feels accepted, respected, and confident within the team.

Quick Summary

The first page after logging in. See surveys that require an action from the user, and a list of all classes.

Rater Practice

A practice survey with hypothetical team members for students to improve their peer evaluation skills before rating their real team members.

Reveal Answers

A button in Rater Practice, showing which ratings were correct/incorrect, and will prevent students from changing their answers.

Scheduling Table

A table that shows what percentage of the team is available to meet during every given hour, based on the team's Team Maker survey results. It will be shown in the user's time zone as long as they've set it up in their profile. Otherwise, it will be shown in their instructor's time zone.

Team Cohesiveness

These questions inquire the team’s chemistry toward the project’s process and goals.

Team Conflict

These questions inquire how much conflict is occurring in a team.

Team Interdependence

These questions gauge how well the student works and depends on the others.

Team Satisfaction

These questions inquire how satisfied a student is with the current group of teammates.

Team-Maker Survey

A survey that gathers student demographic information and assigns students to teams.

Time Zone

A tool that facilitates team creation when team members are in different time zones from each other or from the instructor, such as in an online course. It will be shown the user's time zone as long as they've set it up in their profile. Otherwise, it will be shown in their instructor's time zone.

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