"I am also already in love with the CATME website; I can't believe how much I had been doing by hand that this will let me do virtually automatically. I am going to share it with all the faculty in our department who use groups (and those who don't!)."


“I like that the students receive information on when other members of the group are available and email addresses (no excuses!).”


"Well designed and generally easy to use. Once we figured out the parameter settings that worked best for us, it does a great job creating and managing teams. Feedback has been enlightening and useful.”


“I like that it [CATME Team-Maker] matches the schedules of the students and other parameters for me.  Setting out the information sheets and trying to match them up manually can be quite difficult.”


“It provides a quantitative method for students to assess the performance of their team members.  It was helpful for me to see which teams were functioning well together.”


“It's simple to use and confidential.”


“It makes my life much easier and makes peer evaluation a smoother activity for my students.”


“I love love love the fact that there is a system in place for students to rate each other, and which will calculate the adjustment factors for me. Before, I had to set up the survey myself, which was very challenging with our CMS, and then "eyeball" contributions. This way is cleaner, and students get feedback, also.”


"Before I used CATME, I collected peer feedback via email forms and a spreadsheet.  It was a lot of gruntwork.  CATME lets me do this, and more, in far less time."