New CATME Features

New CATME Functionality to be released in the next 12-18 months

Peer-to-Peer comments.
Peer-to-Peer comments permit students to reflect on their peer ratings and make written comments about themselves and each team member. They are either provided only to the instructor or also released to teammates.

Frame of Reference training [FOR]
FOR training explains how to use the CATME behavior ranking system and gives examples and practice ratings for simulated students. A quiz is also included. FOR training is a proven method for improving the use of a ranking schema.

Rater Practice Feedback to both students and instructors
We have implemented rater practice scoring feedback to students and a report to the instructor about high score and average performance for each student in a survey. A new horse-shoe scoring module means you score points if you rate correctly and get a 1⁄2 score if you are 1 rating level off the correct score.

Teamwork training modules.
We have developed and are testing at Purdue video examples of each of the 5 dimensions of the CATME peer rating system. Testing to date has shown improved dispersion in ratings as a result of using the video training modules.

Training in the use of the CATME system functions or in teaching teamwork.
Over the past 3 years we have conducted one day CATME training seminars at a number of schools including Purdue, and most recently at Lawrence Tech and the University of Guelph. We are now offering this service to all CATME institutions.

Using the CATME teamwork data for assessment purposes.
At Purdue and at other CATME institutions the CATME Peer Review Survey data is used to support accreditation reporting and assessment. We plan on expanding this capability and are interested in the reporting requirements that will best meet your accreditation and assessment needs.

Using your CATME data to conduct research.
At Purdue and under our current NSF grant we are conducting multiple research studies using the CATME peer review and teammaker data and related course data. We can consult with you on the use of your data to conduct your own research studies.