Student Pay Option (Instructor)

Student Pay Option for CATME student license: Students pay a small fee for their CATME use through a local agent, such as a bookstore. University of Texas Medical Branch and University of North Carolina Charlotte are using this licensing option. For more information, please watch the video "Student Pay for Instructors" or contact

Instructor Student Pay Guide

  1. If you would like to use our student pay option in your courses, please contact to change your license type.
  2. Find a local agent at your university, such as the bookstore, to sell and distribute license keys to your students. Then, put them in touch with our Licensing team to get student pay set up at your university.
  3. Send the number of license keys needed for your courses to the local agent/bookstore. The local agent/bookstore will then order the license keys from CATME Licensing.
  4. Please provide the Student License Guide to your students before your survey starts along with instructions to purchase their license key.
  5. If you have any questions regarding a student’s license status or a specific license key, please contact

To see the Student Pay Option instructions for students and the students' frequently asked questions, please go to Student Pay Option (Student) page and the "Student Pay Option" section on the Student FAQs and Troubleshooting page.